Staples Senior Planogram Specialist in Framingham, Massachusetts


Design and develop planograms that integrate category strategy, high customer engagement, merchandise presentation standards, and company cost objectives.

Key Job Responsibilities:

Impact on Business (i.e. business contribution; nature and scope of responsibility; risk and financial management; strategic vs. tactical vs. delivery orientation.

• Work with cross-functional teams through Product Transition process to introduce new, exciting products and categories into retail stores.

• Exit obsolete product/categories in a way that minimizes mark-downs, labor cost, and implementation fees.

• Create planogram versions to accommodate varying assortments and store sizes.

• Create merchandising layouts that reflect merchant strategy to drive shelf edge retail sales.

• Work with merchant, inventory, loss prevention and field teams to create presentations that improve sales, minimize inventory costs, prohibit shrink, and inspire customer engagement.

Innovation and Change

• Develop new methodologies and display approaches for new stores and categories (urban flagship stores, omni verticals, BO$$ categories)

• Create financial models of profit and turns for each set created or modified and provide financial performance reports. Use learnings to develop condensed assortments to fit into smaller sized stores.

• Document planograms using PC based space management software for all products in permanent categories to maximize sales and minimize inventory investment.

• Utilize historical sales information and ship pack quantity to determine product facings in order to maximize space and operating efficiency.

• Leverage vendor data, competitive reviews, and industry trends to drive innovation, category focus, and excitement in retail merchandise presentations.


• Prepare weekly merchandise communication materials that are communicated via the web for field operations implementation. Respond and offer support to field operations inquiries regarding all aspects of planogram implementation.

• Partner with Store Planning to ensure that each store is assigned to the correct planogram category assortments in order for replenishment to direct the merchandise orders and forecast for future purchases.

• Collaborate with Fixtures & Equipment, Signing, and Loss Prevention on the development and design of fixtures, signing, security devices, and other in-store displays associated with assigned product categories. Create updated fixture lists indicating changes in which ensure accurate fixture orders for new stores.

People Leadership

• Works closely with merchandising and inventory to ensure presentation meets the sales and inventory forecasts as determined by those teams, while meeting Visual Merchandising standards

• High level of influence with cross-functional peers in design and development of coordinating functions integral to successful presentation (Signing, F&E, LP)

Business Strategy

• Develop minimum presentation inventory levels for each category planogram version.

• Maintain the integrity of the planogrammed merchandise categories assigned by making appropriate changes when necessary based on the additions and deletions of product. Ensure the Planogram database is current with the most updated planogram files.

• Input planograms using PC based space management software for all products in permanent categories to maximize sales and minimize inventory investment. Utilize historical sales information and ship pack quantity to determining product facings and maximize the space and operating efficiency.

• Support the maintenance of the Prototype/Planogram Lab

• Support the process in imaging the merchandise that is used in planogram versions.

KPIs– Key Performance Indicators

• Varies based on yearly department goals and merchandising initiatives.


Education/Experience Equivalent (minimum requirements)

  • 1 to 3 years of Retail merchandising or planogram experience

  • Basic computer skills, including Word and Excel

  • Merchandise planning and quantitative analysis skills

  • Strong communication skills

Professional Knowledge/Experience

  • Experience with such applications as Spaceman, Pegman, or MarketMax or aptitude to learn and work with Spaceman

  • Significant project management and organizational skills

Staples is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law.