Oracle Contract Development Manager-Ops in Bedford, Massachusetts

Determines and/or implements Corporate/local pricing policy.

Develop and implement processes to establish consistent pricing for all Oracle offerings worldwide. Establish pricing for multiple product lines. Manage pricing communications with LOBs worldwide and develop training content on pricing & licensing. Create and implement pricing policies to address changing customer needs, new technologies and Oracle's executive vision. Lead customer interactions to clarify licensing rules and evangelize Oracle's pricing strategy. Provide pricing content to industry analysts (Gartner, Meta, etc.)

Leads a specialized area which may have diverse functional elements. Frequently interacts with supervisors and/or functional peer group managers. May interact with senior management.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

General RoleSummary

As part of the North America Complex Deal Team, thisindividual will lead and support a team that plays a key role in driving thesuccess and rapid growth of the Cloud Business. This individual will manage ateam responsible for making critical business decisions for Oracle and managingthe overall process of negotiation on complex deals. This individual will be seen as a thoughtleader in the cloud market and maintain a reputation for delivering andengaging across diverse populations and at all levels of thebusiness.

Job Scope

This individual is expected to have the ability to help getdeals done at Oracle, including negotiating terms with customers and bringingdeal terms to closure. This person will work on a limited number of theirown deals in addition to supporting the members of their team with theirassigned transactions.

This individual must also be able to coach their team andfind ways to help bring out their strengths and creativity while helping themto develop in weaker areas. The right candidate will develop a professionalrelationship with each of their direct reports that will enable communicationsand give the individuals a safe place to come for discussion and support andhelp with deal questions.

This individual is expected to be able to understand theneeds of all parties involved in getting deals done, including the office ofthe CEO, the customer, the sales team and their management, Legal, CloudHosting Ops and all other groups at Oracle. This person needs to be able todemonstrate to other groups that Tier 1 and the CDT in particular are keybusiness partners to move forward the key and significant deals in thebusiness.


  • Must develop and maintain a clear vision andstrategy for the team consistent with the overall goals and objectives of Tier1 and Oracle;

  • Must coach team members to apply good businessstrategy, apply strong financial and legal risk analysis and develop theability to negotiate and influence;

  • Must be able to leverage their experience with Oracle systems and processes to help direct reports navigate DAS, other Oracle tools and the overall process;

  • Must identify training needs and be able to create and present trainings for Tier 1, Sales and other internal groups;

  • Must be able to understand the needs of each oftheir direct reports to be able to maximize their potential value to the teamand to Oracle and help direct reports with career development;

  • Must provide staff with the flexibility to work as independently or as collaboratively as needed by the circumstances and the personalities;

  • Must balance the needs of direct reports withthe needs of the organization and other virtual team;

  • Must be able to manage escalations and minimize negative impacts;

  • Must be able to build brand for the CDT and Tier1 group by helping to develop a positive reputation inside and outside of Oracle;

  • Must be able to work with Legal, HQAPPand be able to interface with them effectively;

  • Must be able to show a high standard ofprofessionalism and excellence in dealing with other groups at Oracle even whenindividuals within those groups are indifferent or antagonistic;

  • Will need to learn to liaison with other Oraclegroups outside of the sales cycle to assist in improving deal velocity.


  • Track record of contract and commercialnegotiation, preferably within Oracle;

  • Proven negotiation skills;

  • Conversant in the business and commercial termsof Oracle transactions, especially Cloud. This includes understanding pricingand selling models, C2C and migration policies and line of business specifics;

  • High level of understanding of Oracle internalbusiness procedures (contracting process, business practices, pricing) and abilityto communicate to others;

  • Experience leading virtual teams;

  • Working knowledge of DAS and other internalOracle tools and processes;

  • Excel in a dynamic work environment wherepriorities are constantly evolving;

  • Independent thinker capable of real time decisionmaking.

Job: *Business Operations

Organization: *Oracle

Title: Contract Development Manager-Ops

Location: United States

Requisition ID: 18000QAT